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Most people do not understand the importance of an online rank tracker when it comes to their SEO campaign.

Here are a few reasons one should use an online rank tracker.

1.) Being organized is a virtue – save time by having the ability to quickly see a snapshot of where all of your keywords stand in the search engines. You will be able to see which keywords need more work and quickly work on the correct keywords.

2.) Tracking progress – see your keyword’s historical ranking history beautifully graphed with an easy click. Looking back at a keyword’s historical ranking can give you a lot of motivation as you see your keywords climb up in the search engines.

3.) Instant notifications – instantly be notified when one of your keywords jumps or drops in rankings. When Google releases a new update, it is important to see whether your keyword(s) were hit by the update. Recent Google Panda and Google Hummingbird updates have caused a large percent of keywords to fall in rankings. WIth a good rank tracker, you can quickly find out which campaigns have been hit, and which have not.

4.) Recording your SEO progress will help you determine which SEO methods are working, and which are not. When you diversify your backlinks and method, it is easy to see which methods are working from one glance. Category metrics allow you to see how your keywords are doing, along with information regarding how many keywords have moved up or down.

5.) Clients can be very demanding and very time consuming. Using a good rank tracker will increase your customer satisfaction and ROI. Reports can be scheduled and sent out to clients every few days. A live share link can be shared with your clients so they can view their live keyword rankings at anytime.

6.) Using white-label PDF reports for your SEO agency will give your company a more authentic look, as your clients are sent professionally looking PDF reports. Reports can be customized to display your company name, logo, and description, making the report look like it was created by you.

7.) Integrate your Google Analytics directly into your rank checker and see your traffic grow, as your keyword rankings increase. A historical traffic comparison of your Google Analytics account can be directly embedded into your reports.

8.) Be sure to find a rank tracker that offers full API support, so you have the option to build your own backend application. A good rank checker will include this free of charge in all of their plans.

Picking the correct rank tracker can save you precious time that you can spend doing SEO and ranking your site.

Why you need a rank tracker to track SEO progress

Trying to compete in today’s competitive business world (hands-down the most cutthroat in human history) is next to impossible unless you know exactly what you’re doing – and execute with perfection every single minute of every single day.
And though this can certainly feel more than a little bit daunting on the surface (especially when you’re talking about brand-new entrepreneurs, advertisers, and marketers), luckily it is nowhere near as difficult as it seems.
You see, with all of the modern day advances in tools, technologies, tactics, and strategies, it’s never been easier to build your own multi-national corporation or company (selling products and services across the globe 24/7, 365).
On the flipside, it isn’t all that difficult for anyone (literally everyone) to jump on the “self-employed wagon” and go into business for themselves as your direct competitor.
This is why you need to squeeze absolutely every single last drop of search engine optimization you can out of your search engine optimization efforts – which is where your brand-new rank tracker comes into play.


You simply will not be able to compete on a day to day basis without properly optimized and designed search engine optimization strategies and tactics

As mentioned above, it is going to be absolutely, patently, madly impossible for you to try and compete on a day to day basis without having your search engine optimization strategies, tactics, and analytical tools already in place.

When anyone can start a business with nothing more than a laptop, Internet connection, and a five dollar domain name, you really need to do everything you possibly can to squeeze out all the profit that is possible.

Otherwise, you are consistently and constantly leaving money on the table – unacceptable in our modern economy.

Without hard data, you’ll never be able to optimize any of your marketing or advertising pieces that you are pushing search engine optimization for

The other great thing about having rank tracker software on hand to measure each and every single part of your marketing or advertising campaigns is that you will have rocksolid data that cannot be misinterpreted.

One of the biggest problems that marketers, advertisers, and especially entrepreneurs struggle with on a regular and routine basis is the belief that they are never going to fail, and that things are plotting away just as well as they can be.

This protects them from the crippling rejection that all entrepreneurs will face, but at the same time it can be a bit of a delusion.

However, when presented with cold hard facts – and evidence to back it up (all provided by that rank tracking solution) – and is absolutely no refuting the independent data that they will used to build, readjust, or adapt their businesses.

Tracking software allows you to figure out where to allocate resources – and where to pull them from

Finally, you’re going to want to focus on using a rank tracker software to focus on where you need to be allocating your resources – and where you are going to be shifting focus away.

Not only is it absolutely mission critical that you spend your money wisely, but it is just as important for you to avoid any pitfalls, problems, or major mistakes that could possibly occur later down the line.

Most people simply aren’t prepared for the “long-term thinking” that this kind of approach brings to the table. However, if you can try and focus on tomorrow instead of today or yesterday, the dividends that you will receive are almost unable to be calculated.

You would have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take full advantage of all the leverage that you have available to you. Make sure that you are squeezing every little less drop of leverage out of your marketing and advertising funnels – and that you are doing everything in your power to create real and measurable success!

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